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From Waalwijk, the historic heart of the leather industry in the Netherlands, we at H.J. de
Rooij develop a unique line of diabetes bags under the name Sweet Collections.

With more than 70 years of experience in the world of trendy luxury leather goods, we know what a quality product must meet. In consultation with our diabetes sounding
board group, we translate the wishes of diabetes patients into durable leather accessories.

Sweet Collections sets the tone in trendy diabetes products. Trend bags and functional
pouches made of quality leather and designed with extra attention to functionality. Made
for years of pleasure and indispensable for every patient 1 diabetes.


  All our products are sustainably produced from 100% quality leather

  Leather becomes more beautiful when used intensively and will last for years

  We are member of Amfori, the leading international organization for open and sustainable trade

  All our products are developed in close collaboration with a Diabetes type 1 advisory group

We donate 10% to research

H.J. de Rooy Leather Goods is a partner of the Dutch Diabetes Fund. We support
research into better treatment methods and dinding a cure for diabetes type 1.
Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of our ‘Sweet Collections’ series are
donated directly to the Dutch Diabetes Fund.

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